Minecraft DATN MOD

Dandy at the Night Mod 1.16.5/1.15.2 introduces to you a new companion, Dandy himself. He is quite a music maniac as he tries to play music at any chances he got, so you’ll never have to worry about the monotonous environment during your commute throughout the overworld. You can also equip Dandy with your spare gears by right-click on him, thus ameliorate his prowess. Dandy will only eat this weird fruit that can be found around the overworld, and glows at night. Therefore, the best chance you got finding it is during a night adventure. The Mod is quite rudimentary, but we want to support fledgeling creators, so email us and submit your Mods if you’re proud of it and want to have it showcased on our website.   Features: A New Companion was introduced. Dandy Infection Process (now you can enhance your dandy through the infecting process, just like an RPG your dandy can take on the attributes of the living entities you decide to infect, all entities including external mods! None Excluded! Even bosses like the Ender Dragon!). Item Transmutation (Now your Dandy also has the ability to transmute and clone items, just like a “transmutation table”, but […]
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